Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purim Cocktail!

Ok, so maybe my kids didn't get the homemade hamantaschen experience this year, but at least the Man and I got our drink on. This drink (I'll post again below) is delicious! I used orange and ginger marmalade, but I would also try apricot preserves as well.

You can taste the Aquavit and, while the drink is sweet, it isn't too sweet. Deelish. But it needs a name other than the "Ethel". I like the Scandinavian/Jewish nature of it. Just like me and the Man.

1 1/2 oz North Shore Aquavit
¾ Galliano l’authentico
Spoon orange marmalade
¾ lemon juice
¼ oz simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in mixing glass. Add ice, shake, and strain into chilled cocktail coupe. Use a vegetable peeler to cut a strip of orange peel, mist cocktail with oil, and place decoratively.


  1. How about ... a hamantini?

  2. Glad you tried the cocktail out! The beauty of building everything separately is that you can tailor each drink to taste.
    Ethel may not be the most seductive name ;) but it is the name of the lovely copper pot still that created the delicious aquavit at North Shore.
    Happy mixing! Cheers- Charles Joly, The Drawing Room

    1. Charles! Thanks so much for writing in. I didn't mean to rag on the name; I was just looking for something that reflected the make-up of the drink and was also goofy and Jewish. I love the name Ethel for a copper pot and I'm loving aquavit! Must be all that Scandinavian crime fiction I'm reading, but I am constantly looking for more ways to use it.